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NaNoWriMo is an acronym that stands for National Novel Writing Month. Actually it hasn't been national since the very first year, but is in fact a world-wide novel writing contest. The goal of this contest is to write an entire book (50.000 words in total) in one month. I first heard of this contest a few years after it started, but never got round to it. But many of my online friends were really into it, so after about two years I decided to join in and never stopped writing. So ever since 2003 I pick up my pen in the month of November to try and write a book. Here are the stories I wrote over the years. Mind you they have never been edited, so they are very rough drafts.

lang. title year description
Dimensions 2003 A young boy finds himself in a strange place, not remembering where he is, or even who he is. His quest to find his way home is hampered by the fact that he can shift between dimensions at will. Roaming from world to world, aided by a girl who claims to be his best friend, he meets many people, some friendly and some downright evil.
The day the world broke down 2004, 2007 A teenage girl lives in a perfect world. But then there is a major power outage and suddenly there is dirt piled in the streets and strange people roaming the streets who don't seem to see all the normal people. Together with some friends she sets out to try to right some ancient wrongs.
Ghostwriter 2005 a story about a forum ghost
CMDG 2006 a story about a young Renaissance girl who discovers emancipation
Smarch History 2007 Once upon a time Tad Williams started an online sequential novel named Shadowmarch. He created a forum with a thriving community around this story. This is the history of that forum, the people who inhabited it and all their injokes.
Rik en Rak (Rick and Roke) 2008 My first attempt at a story-a-day book about a little boy who has a dog that is secretly a dragon.
Rik en Rak (Rick and Roke) 2009 My second attempt at the book about the boy and his dragon. After writing my first attempt, I found out that I had kept the stories too realistic, so this time I set out to make the story more magical and fantastic.
IT-girls 2010 a story about a little girl who discovers the world of IT (incomplete)
Rik en Rak deel 2
(Rick and Roke part 2)
2011 more adventures of Rik en Rak
Rik en Rak deel 3
(Rick and Roke part 3)
2012 a third set of adventures of Rik and Rak
Rick and Roke 2013 An English translation of the first chapter of the Rick and Roke story. (More chapters may follow later.)

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